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Partner of sport preparation and recovery of Caroline Chaverot

After having discovered, tested and then adopted our innovation for sports, Caroline Chaverot – World Champion Trail 2016 / Winner of UTMB® 2016 – join and support Life+™ SportDevice. We are very happy and proud of this wonderfull support from Caroline, an exceptionnal woman.

Former Rugby player Star Sébastien Chabal support Life+™

The french famous rugby player, Sébastien Chabal, (62 games played for National French Rugby team) has discovered our innovation and join as Ambassador of the brand to share his experience and support the project to the public. Thank you for this great support !

The ultratrail most famous athletes team up with Life+™ SportDevice

The ultra endurance running is clearly the best proof to reveal the efficiency of the Life+™ innovation. Having the trust and experience of athletes like François, Sébastien and Thomas is a true recognition for Life+™ SportDevice. They have tested and approved, we share with them their experience, their knwoledge and their passion, everyday. We are prouf to team up with them. Thank you for sharing this great adventure !

François d'Haene
Champion du monde WTUT 2014 - Recordman GR20 2016 - Vainqueur 2016 Diagonale des Fous
Thomas Lorblanchet
Champion du Monde de trail 2009 - 4 fois vainqueur des Templiers
Sébastien Chaigneau
Vainqueur de la Hardrock100 - 2013