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A revolution, Made In France, for all sports and better workout and recovery for all


What is Life+ and who can use it ?

The Life+™ SportDevice is for use by anyone who do sport, everyday user, regular workout practice or professionnal athletes who seek a new way to enhance their muscle preparation and recovery after sport exercices or competitions.

Life+™ SportDevice stimulate the natural processes of cell regeneration for a better ready-to-go action for muscles and a fast way to foster our own natural recovery process.

4 short-time programs, Preparation last 4 min / Recovery is 6min / Entretien 2 min / Coups et chocs 6 min.

Simple and easy-to-use, you choose the selected program, put the device onto the muscular group you intend to treat and simply let the light do its job.

How does it work ?

The Life+™  uses a precisely defined light wavelenght from the naturel light spectrum for its light emmission. This specific light stimulates the natural processes of regeneration at cellular level. This is called photobiomodulation.

Life+ brings a precise quantity of calibrated light in a very short time to potentially stimulate our own processes. To deliver this energy (photons) we use LEDs for a programmed and calibrated red light emission..

The LED Life+ is fast and easy, cold light and delivered in 2 to 6mn depending on the chosen program.

Life+ Inventé et fabriqué en France

Imaginated in France, designed in France and… made in France, the Life+™  devices are full frenchtech innovation using last generation LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology and available to all. They are distributed exclusively by ELORA BIOTEC, a frenchtech startup dedicated to high level innovative products for the living.

ELORA Biotec, in partnership with Xbiotec, creates and develop innovative products to be accessible to all, usefull and efficient. With more than 15 years of expertise in LED technology and from scratch innovation conception, the team has created the first portable, programmed and efficient device with the goal and giving access to all to photobiomodulation.

The Life+™SportDevice  are the first all-users device for preparation and recovery for all sports.

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