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Dans cette rubrique, vous trouverez les réponses aux questions les plus fréquentes sur la technologie LED, la photobiomodulation, les produits Life+™, notre site internet et son utilisation.

Who can benefit from the action of calibrated LED light of Life+™ ?

Every sport, every person that does sport and willing to have a fast and easy workout preparation tool, a fast recovery solution and an efficient action on muscle pain healing after workout. with a single device: Life+™ SportDevice.

Any person that looks for an innovative aesthetic solution for anti-aging process to reduce wrinkles with efficiency, have an action on cellulitis and skin marks with a unique device: Life+™ CosmeticDevice.

Anyone that wants to have an easy-to-go solution for animals (dogs, cats, horses,…) care and especially scar and tissues healing, anti-inflammatory action, skin and fur growth, pain healing with an innovative treating solution by photobiomodulation:  Life+™ AnimalCareDevice.

What are the differences between the existing Life+™ Devices ?

Mainly their programs ! Life+™ uses the same wavelenght of light spectrum. The main difference is in the type of programs and protocoles (energy delivered, duration,…). Each program is optimized to have the maximum effect.

Do I have to put my Life+™ SportDevice onto specific locations on my body ?

You will use it mainly on muscle groups. Simply place it center your muscle area and let the light do its job within 2 to 6mn ! The entire muscle area will then be treated deeply. You will feel it right after. You can also place it onto the bone junction (knees, ankle,…) to have better effect on globla mobility.

Comment placer et utiliser les bandes de maintien ?

Très simple ! Enlever le bump (la coque de protection de votre Life+), placez la bande, remettez la coque !

Can I use Life+™ CosmeticDevice whatever my aging is ?

Absolutely ! (please refer to user’s manuel for minimum age use) Life+™ in anti-aging is adapted to all ages and all skin types. It is even more efficient on recent wrinkles, skin strech marks and cellulitis.

Peut-on associer d’autres traitements aux séances esthétique avec Life+ ?

Oui, la lumière potentialise les produits anti-âge de soins usuels.

Does the red light delivered is dangerous for my eyes ?

Red light is not blue light ! The red light we use in Life+ (wavelenght 600-660nm) is of no danger, however, for a more confortable experience, it is better to use the comfort googles supplied with the Cosmetic version.

Can I use Life+™ AnimalCareDevice on open wounds on my animal ?

Yes, Life+™ACD can be used for accelerating wound healing by its action on the natural wound healing process. Make sure to clean the wund before application.

What is the duration of a PBM Therapy session by Life+™ ?

Each device has 4 programs that drives the energy delivered and duration. With the current range, duration of programs goes from 2 to 7mn. Right after you can go back to you normal activities !

Is there any risk in using LED light and photobiomodulation ?

Our red LED light is a cold light. Not a laser. To date, there are more than 4,500 studies ans clinical trials published in scientific reviews (Nature, The Lancet, British Medical Journal,…) and regarding the use of light wavelenght and its action on cells regeneration. No negative effects have been described.

Puis-je faire plusieurs séances d’affilé au même endroit ?

Oui… mais c’est inutile ! Une perte de temps pour vous… Les programmes ont été développé pour délivrer la bonne dose de lumière aux cellules. Une fois la séance terminée, les cellules sont rechargées. Quand la cellule est pleine d’énergie, elle n’en accepte pas plus. Un peu comme une éponge pleine d’eau.

What warranty and certifications for Life+™ devices ?

Our products have a 2 years warranty, CE certification and PBS CE, et PBS (photobiological safety). They are made in France.